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the ministry of industry in the technologies of context and in the ministry of economy failing and use of austria were launched thirty priority projects were identified to produce bins of the meeting noted the successful development of economic and investment cooperation between the two countries. they're also prospects in the implementation of projects in the upcoming second phase of the industrialization programme in kazakhstan blair witch and the one that was over much of a sudden it's the limousines. we're a pleaser we have an intensive needle cooperation. about thirty representatives of cars expanding companies took part in these meetings we see that austria has great interest to develop trade economic relations in the financial sector with us a new book about the economic relations between catholics and austria has been presented to this book discusses about the develop of relationships and brings prospects for more successful the woman on the floor seats and we're moving forward on economic cooperation with cars extended in particularly with unified areas in which will work in t
specie seats that now was conceived through artificial insemination in march . what a technology industry has been around almost as long as the state of israel. however in recent years since israel's entrance to the oecd countries dominance worldwide has expanded dramatically where at the what the convention and to love eve which has become the biggest showcase o israel the innovations to representatives of over fifty countries. anthony cox and the newest these clite by a diverse team would a division that makes that since israel has joined his optimization and started cheering exported technology which is at the very crucial impact of many of the member states israel is clearly a a world leader in water technology and since this instance ellis joined a least a day but man of strong competition to thinking more about the integration of policy out with this thing with technology in the warm sector we've done a lot of work going on around how crucial the financial sustainability that good governance of water this is old critically links to the role of technology and israel's played
's in an environment where israel as well as many u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at all. the obama administration had to gauge the diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks with punches are flying here looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you gonna say on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the falling rain. another set of marco rubio call that dea
times are also known as the ppp. later biden is also expected a toy a technology company and attend a conference on women's role in the japanese economy. at the wedding dinner with daddy on tuesday night fighter will fly to beijing on wednesday to meet a tiny speck that is she thinking. by the globe and travel thursday to south korea. well investigators have found that a plane that crashed on sunday in new york city was traveling at me and eats three times the speed limits for that part of the track when when up the whales. the accident led to four people dead and more than sixty others injured cctv snake country has more from the scene of the class in the box trying to put the pieces back together again. paul wrote in a shell good in the bronx on something that can lead to train carrying one hundred and fifty passengers run off the tracks killing four and injuring dozens more aeronautics engineer ryan and i started singing stars in one of my eyes and i thought my goodness is it the word rebuilding economy annually. earlier this week from today. we really couldn't get out. the looks
preferences in the form of customs duty exemption of imported equipment technology transfer in land grants in addition procedures for obtaining a visa was simple fight for foreign investors special service centers have opened in the regions of context and to provide necessary information for project implementation in the country. they are invincible. i would like to know that according to the investor protection index published by the board economic forum in two thousand thirteen to two thousand fourteen context and takes tenth place with the united kingdom and leaving behind many countries including europe. moreover we will move on and will continue to develop the system an investor rights protection in insist on no sleep for most of them the social issues in the mobile home was listed in a row. the new set of values it awarded him an imprint in uniform is teaching you. in addition we have taken measures to ensure the transparency of the taxing illustration businesses develop with the help of state run programs as the two thousand twenty vistas brokeback industrialization programme export
units the new and rejuvenation are occurring again in east africa this time through technology. some say the internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. i know. ms joke three places but the stuff because i found them. it's indian ocean city of mombasa. his links to the various submarine internet cables that connect africa europe and asia. but based development bank of southern africa specialist its financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet and tv that the us we are about to experience the mission in africa next six. if one looks at the underwater sea cables and seek on wanting to use the cable and east coasts of africa. and the envisaged the continental cable the opportunities that exist for that occasional of ict products the bed as it is all off the set of gorgeous the cables and the auntie and set to rights. makes me afraid. everything that's in the next two years the african continent will change. cha
below the surface of the dark waters could be the solution the groundbreaking scientific technology down here allows fish to the drilling anywhere even thousands of miles away from the ocean to one utama fish in a conventional fish in his room it's something like five thousand to seven thousand five hundred liters of water the edits for production was a cute little fish in our system we got down to forty four zero the two years they awarded for tuna fish with action twenty five years ago professor yup and i came up with an idea that's effects could be fined on land or even in the kazakh in a sustainable eco logical way together with scientist dr yes it's how they develop a process now being marketed as cfa or grilled fish anywhere and dam system. it's different from the usual aquaculture math then the technology. the filling in forms. we can grow fish anywhere. in the desert with no connection was the sole soul to the marine environment. we are establishing their own unique ecology in our system to sustain you. we don't include them in doing so by his demise in the period that can recycl
technology which has advanced to the point that anyone with one thousand dollars in an internet connection can access the plastic parts that can be fitted into a gun those firearms can be detected by metal detectors or x ray machines. when senate democrats were looking to amend the law before its passage to mandate that metal monster the upcoming component of the gun. thereby closing the loophole that would allow for movable metal parts on the other hand republicans not to pass the bill in its current form that's exactly what happened this afternoon in the house the senate will take up the matter when it returns on december night. the same day the law will sunset the national rifle association hasn't publicly taken a stance on the legislation however gun owners of america a smaller gun rights group called the band and extension unnecessary because three d printing technology is not yet quite the available. and using the three d printer to replicate passing guns may not be the only battle at hand. this practice can also be used to print metal dots are cheese marina or nia got an inside look
with such potential areas of st ali co chaired an inch deep or get sent technology education and labor. the announcer was can a team strengthening cooperation of the county and in a pack member state in shipping to peace stability and development team to beat in the stock. the demand for coal co increased recently but major cocoa producers including west african countries and nations have failed to meet the demand due to climate chang and quality related problems. according to get them this year on record to android development the system rights movement by the country's copper statue to chan's book itself to become one of the worst beat in cocoa supply it deuteronomy received international conference on cocoa taken place in vietnam he was reported that west african countries produce seventy percent of the world's cocoa building was given the jet is the third biggest cocoa producer. however recent discovery of chemicals in indonesian cocoa products together with lower production from him and unstable political situation to make the importers turn to other markets including vietnam. models of upbeat a
weapons and has adequate technology. so i think japan can contribute to the abolition of the arsenals in terms of its human resources and funds immunization will receive the nobel peace prize at a ceremony on tuesday. i can i say yep thought it would be difficult. like achievements to be publicly recognized because it stars often worked in sea kayaks. a generation ago people used magnetic tapes to store music and other types of day that since then you wear for men such as cds and dvd have taken their place. now engineers in japan on greenfield the technology up to date an hp of our weekend time and that explains. one school of the most sophisticated matter to take the camry call it the same amount of the day as i found to be the keys recently many banks and hospitals have become due a finger stick a mosey and still have ip companies such as google. some cities also use this method addicted to back up to a facilitator. was it that ensues of the prefix to as the sensor data on its one hundred to fourteen thousand citizens on the tips for safe keeping. the city with cruelty to change the
. by combining technology is home detention and chills and controls the dude's president says his firm's energy saving technology along with the us company's global sales network is a ninety lb partnership. japan's banking now boasts the strongest sales in air conditioning systems can be in cash the market. an upgraded to business on the wii with the tech market. it is. it is when sliced present job i was trying to keep the dispute any c a share from getting awards. he held a meeting in tokyo with prime minister seems ill on the way he shared ideas on how to deal with china's newly declared air defense identification zone. i knew it we confirm that japan and the united states will not tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. we also agreed that our countries will continue to work closely together to deal with the matter based on the strong japan us alliance the united states has an interest and lauren lauren intentions this vital region as i believe all the countries in north east asian share that same interest with us. this underscores the need for crisis management mech
in the field of information technology grows the end of the malia is in a historic part of dough the last night that the town of our family tradition est see our friendly than other stuff and it's mass of people circulate concentrate on selling its belt line and mobile and were back in the early seventeenth century town of less than historical buildings and here it is i can get tempo don't always feel like it if you catch the eye. the active steering. the people still taking office he bought with rapid economic growth the number of middle income households is multiplying. i whispered it to double by twenty twenty. for some expansion in the country's talented crafters. actually i t industry. ability is not how well known and there i decide to buy into the store for us to stay well what's on the grace to repent and accept it. you use to do all the colors you use the currency in scientific knowledge his case. it has fifteen schools across india they need is a new job for the season here. the truth is across the world gather to compete with the signature the skills to work with any great. from indi
ultimate combination so free activities and technologies i was a leaky production for example sets the world but taking a vow to keep the production ranks world's number two together comes the summer ltd ground by the psyche as to what would the ground but he's totally sell the highway. eight hours of sun exposure wakes up for twenty four hours a night it's also what approved and pressure resistant which makes it easier to apply in the teen ricky sign the main exhibition hall built was over two thousand eco friendly products has become a perfect showroom as well as the marketing side information and communication technology industry in brazil is bringing about a rapid changes in everything from buses to schools have been connected to mobile broadband networks to improve citizens' quality of life. with a country set to host the football world cup in twenty fourteen and the atlantic in twenty s to bot national infrastructure. all three brazil's global niche as a rapidly emerging economy priscilla has received about two hundred billion dollars in foreign direct investment in the past
the space program as a symbol of that going into national state is a technological advancements. i do still use the limits. china aims to establish a permanent space station by twenty twenty and eventually tantamount to the main. maybe now it is in your head up the delivery of your internet shopping was just too slow you are going to love. that's ahead of the adams on has just unveiled the future of deliveries and easy to press it. he wants to use what you've seen here these little after proctor media drones to fly small packages to consumers in just thirty minutes. the us retail giant said its products to require additional safety testing and federal approval but the nonsense what it's calling it a crime they are serving as could be up and running again for the wide effects. the key with the anti god or cares what you can take that to stay with us. like this it seems simple you can get complicated. some certainty when everything can change things can get difficult. so cleaning of the sea can give you a better view. see the inside story of the company. calls to the global economy twenty fou
by space exploration technologies could be a potential game changer in a global industry worth close to two hundred billion a year. washington course on the look rather reports. thirty two the successful launch off the two previous attempts for the falcon mine roll its points. great . a new player answers the big money commercial satellites market this place keeps up its game. the current from problems like francaise. i am next class will have to watch their backs. it's a potential tv the large number of want to say that leads you up that offered here. and much more watch places to advertise this chance to meet the capsule lot of pieces that would go to other wants since then. the industry's leading companies knew this could be a game changer among them the new head of the honest facts. everyone knows that state's has a contract that that's that's that's total of ten secs off her sheep rights. that's their strategy is entering the market. we will face this acts as we have other competitors that we have an enormous advantage in the eyes of our clients. it's the trustworthiness and availabi
. some say this technology offers unprecedented accountability on the part of police by making sure everything they do it reported. this also has privacy advocates raising concerns that she's endured a bit more. for every officer in laurel maryland police department the day starts at hand and right here. we each grabbed the camera. and as you can see. kirkuk on this on my glasses or headband what is to pronounce that way. it's commonly referred to as the mainstay camera with its shape and size resembling that of the winds popular mika. the gadget is far from just an aesthetic pleasure. it's the latest technology being implemented in to police departments across the country allowing for officers to record interactions from a rear vantage point. they just did a a completely unbiased view of the situation. it doesn't deviate at the slanted one way or the other. or you get kicked off. everything may seem everything that was too cold and interaction. but this one. the simple life and are asking for directions to the question is clear to all the purported footage though while at morals po
africa this time through technology some say an internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet than centered on kenya. i know. ms joke three places. but the stuff because i found them. it's indian ocean city of mombasa. his links to the various submarine internet cables that connect africa to europe and asia but based development bank of southern africa especially license financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and so does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet means that he thinks the us we are about to experience the admission that the next six. if one looks at the underwater sea cables sequel money to use the cable east coast of africa. and the envisaged that includes mental cable the opportunities that exist for that occasional of ict products the bed as it is all off the set of gorgeous the cables and the auntie and set to rights arguments and if they meet the cats in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya where it tri
banking energy infrastructure information technology and healthcare. there were also three hundred chinese delegates from a chinese company. and i hit the summit in vehicles with that interested in wealth generation and generation. my curious and in the uk. china relationship is developing with very excited to be signing agreements with the standardization minister to china today. which is on the me too it makes good business and its method they use it on to stick with the countries in trade between the two countries and on business here in china via cycle it is sad to go off to work with and says that the country said to greg ups didn't expect that one and you just see what new steps camera will take the time education cooperation. this is the frisbee that that day the camera and tended and eighteen h on a uk business and that is the highest a double checked to see between the two countries. this here there are discussions on infrastructure to deal a new clean power corporation investment in the uk healthcare and others. all activities are expected to help to cut its trade and economic re
will the world on great britain cause a lot to offer to china in terms of the information technology and logistics and other environmental technology it sector. also that of the british business of various women there are always china's trade and investment a murmur and saw the band that really it is really the common been taught that maybe our brains list of countries closer. it was a bad driver. and don't foresee in the meantime chinese businesses are getting more aggressive. so potty invest overseas and with britain offers not only of experience but also miss the market for it again in the ears of the infrastructure building on fortune you would have to leave and that's a about china direct sale of the center for international business ethics and begin best of international business and economics. thank you very much indeed for years. the rees government has released a list of twenty six points. it sees as milestones and affixed a reformed elites and grief and freedoms of its citizens. i commend my spirit on the opposition have dismissed it as smoke and mirror as has already been
it cools haven't been in this advanced technology. when that vilsack and has just been akron family pack the courts from romania where police have forcibly from new and improved image is from the last energy giant chevron was to pace the stock tester ending. well i can tell you i can beneath it. it wasn't until i can tell you it would have to be because i was in that connection covering that story when these contestants performing he maintained around that site can be said to me that they would fight to the exact term for neat ideas for hiking and taking pains me heaps. ask us the week we didn't matter to them. no one would hope to stop them. even if it means pain with an eye. if you want to send the economy will die of them won't give up until the outcome frank a romanian second edition the uk as well people here aren't immune to add amendments. we collect protests taking place in crates in manchester a company called high class is supposed to start exploring trade training and we made a protest that has been trying to look where ethan went to play trucks from. i am finding the contests
resources technology and media tend to turn to industry me a note isms which then spread sparking worries that the french line which is being watered down. some native speakers have a hard time thinking of french translations are commonly used english words. stamps are this is a few small pots it was. boy some close ups as philly's own way. let us instead of. if league action it's important to make an entrance. you see the contents or the french language and they don't reject foreign religions that every country has an identity as a protected act out the front is broadcasting watchdog agrees its meeting on monday to discuss the pretty freakin of wrongdoing in the media and the reference on tv. that's really the sports music in boston. what a mime all his calls and nigeria seems to be on course to become africa's biggest economy with an average annual growth rate of around six or seven percent over the past decade. it looks set to overtake south africa today am speaking to the woman who's in charge of this rising economic power and cozy up onto it we are not is the finance minister of nige
well developed will be at least five years before the technology the device by this team but the trial documents. but the puppy our teens. on the main music and the cbd garda commissioner mark to come and apologize unreservedly for any wrongdoinby members of the guard be revealed in the civic reports he saide was horrified that a member of the force which clued with the ira but he did not accept the report's contention that guard the place loyalty to the force of both policy. he thinks it's the news from africa the umpteenth the price tag. but for now and. early. early. early. ew i was . i had a chat. at the at that. i do. i do. you i was. i was. i was. he he you know. uh uh uh. yours i did. is you. and. thus the basic design. so is he talking to you on wednesday the fourth of december. us policy of men stillal
statue was of the achievements of the mental comes to technology stocks. it did to protect the stomach. so we can see expressed both the strength to move into the samurai culture. i will the court's oldest wooden structure. and you try. he of the samurai pandering to call them i don't really know who i knew it. georgie was japan's first sample tests. i do. a major role in teaching and spending designed to steer a tee. simplicity and regress meditation. j simpson makes me second on the thirteenth century. was welcome you to take teams and meditation practice. training has been found intact in shaping the spirit of december. it expresses the distinctive send you one landscaped around an actual reform the eye. she's among its unity. the case. the old capital of chemical representatives to this day much of the legacy of the samurai culture and tradition. you knew and loved our stay and sing whilst my cap. french troops running away to another former colony in africa and central african republic is a nation in terrible. does this have been killed in the race a spot in the capital. tonight h
specialized area of legal technology or knowledge of how the thing that concept is helping us to rain forests of connection and not with the city would be a fireman go with it and i think that's starting with individual and you mentioned about islam. we don't really think about mike and i didn't like so we don't know how the impact of pics with our emotional state the ground we probably can now be overcome to both stalling on the studio blocking the party oh i appreciate the cdu without realizing the power of light in the time it has for me as the cityscape in awhile how we are commissioned architect to build think maybe a historical building. this couple did the budget foundation. the court on it called for an arts foundation is probably one of the few if not the only one income want to provide supplies for the event making the connection of green lights. the oldest city in the technology until all things together and what is the legal foundation to when the concert program told that the foundation office and i can start with the corporate center cr atomic apparently delay's got back my bio
's in an environment where israel as well as the u s lawmakers don't think that iraq should develop nuclear technology at all. the obama administration actually engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge he runs right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time. we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding. iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations. iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear programs that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon. the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement. despite the officials attend school team the hawks with punches are flying here. looks like we tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you gonna say on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the falling rain. and of the set of barker will be o cal
's main uses for a race last time the finance. they say they have high expectations in japanese technology. nearly fifty thousand of india's gdp causes of the service industries such as finance and banking businesses. but manufacturing industry easily accounting for only about fifteen per cent of gdp. i can summon the cabin crew scheme aims to strengthen the mind of jordan the government was tool a letter come on tony dean japanese companies. this fall on the media with its problems with that blasted the coach is over also japan india of reinforcing that the security cooperation. in june to a seventh round. jeff as a moderate dems have defense forces on the indian navy. and that can be a false joint exercises. many ferrero there of i forty and the defense of the show's is continuing. they have weak to continue enjoying my weekend trendy. kenya a zoo ready to become increasingly important thoughts and acts on its military presence. that was as a commentator he told me he said. we'll bring you the latest on and curran and chris's visit to india including special coverage on bilateral relatio
and technology something unique about this deal with the aim not just a bug in this country above above around the world. it's we have a special campaign the youth activity. it's a social media campaign the school to share the lights and dumb. you could if you go to facebook for such a delight to see the information. but if you take a picture of yourself if you're between the ages of thirteen of thirty five to take a picture of yourself with a menorah and tag yourself and then use that stuck shut the lights. you could win some fabulous prizes statistic it's around the world. xbox is a station that sector. in addition to holding the social media campaign the year the banksia that lets the whole deposit that with his family and helping the community. i'm soo the right to treat and one in london. the so one thousand supporters receipts for a golden dawn had gathered at parliament to protest the attainment of the party's leader and two additional lawmakers the crowd wait to read classics and shouted slogans supporting golden dawn's leader he could sneak a lead ups who has been detained for charges
technological research the way ford of britain and china is more openness and done. delivering the true benefits for people hear about it. britain is the ideal off for an opening china. use. he said he aims to strengthen the mitchell political try and make sure the bilateral relations develop in the right direction. relations were strained when cameron held talks in may when he found tibetan spiritual leader the d line them up. readers have seen the economic relationship grows stronger the chinese pontificate in the conception of the nuclear plant in southwestern france health authorities in hong kong have confirmed the first case of human infection of the age seven and nine strain of bird flu in the territory an official with a very unhealthy around and said that researchers have found the virus. in thirty six year old indonesian woman who works at the domestic helper she's been hospitalized in critical condition. officials believe the cause is like a can that she's honored and coke too much traveling in shenzhen in mainland china with the punk on more than two weeks ago. authorities have suspe
technological applications related to carbon nanotubes. tara called the ten detainees priceline paste as a gift ever to send it as pushes for a peaceful cross strait relationship art and also present is and the tree of good and secretary want to bleach and prosperity in electronic business there. but the recliner and any that aren't too close a collaboration with crippling have one entire night. if you care. carrick was said that he had to cut the crust retreat cooperation but held that this transformation and a structural transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victim of the democratic progressive party's new thai pizza de niro primaries. according to yell he will do his best
up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went inside the focal she met dani to class to take a closer look as teams continue the dangerous and complicated job of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. this is the heart of japan. you people see anymore. we approach these are the guides by bus accompanied by total electorate top company officials. now we approach into the checkpoint said by me smile. this is about the potty km from which the guide to new clip poplar and be on here. access is severely restricted. there were visitors from central center of his website. if phoenix to port eighty one wants to get closer to the dummy reactors is to put on for second key. waters removing spent fuel rods from a pool to be out of the field this unit suffered a meltdown. r
that is what innovation sophistication of the technology section is reality it's an old saying it's true this is the fact that there were the best pumpkin run a business that's fine by else. the endorsement won't wash away the unemployment problem or islands massive debts will certainly be welcomed by the government. it sickens me that his personal mission to portray iran as the best small country in the world in which to business. notice the little known of the video at the casino it's a magazine that's as close as it is realism and the reading some of the disappeared bullets it's insulting that and you know become dismiss so forgetting its own zone but i would do. forbes has been described as influential. but at the end of the day it's just a magazine. the decision makers the money may go all the bike the challenges and problems faced by on the make their decisions based on those things not abide is in otago the iata is happy with the ranking however saying it will form a key part of its marketing strategy abroad cold cold and are cheats what she has learned that the expense commission
the science of space and technology committee in the house criticized roles the epa said on the amount of carbon pollution new power plants were allowed to remain. this is the epa is way too slow or reverse the effects of climate change. a letter addressed to the head of the agency. lamar smith wrote the agency is a stubborn insistence on placing its judgment of biomass of that science advisers raises serious concerns that the apa is a roll making is based more on partisan politics and sound science but on wednesday a job for the stars with a two hour long hearing called astral biology the search for bio signatures in our solar system and the lines. this guy saying that is possibly just about life on other planets aren't possibility of june more than you the pope refused. what can we find hope and pray the atmosphere to the french who drive by of signatures that would indicate the presence of some form of gluten free life. what would be the implications of such a discovery. pics are now questioning the lamar smith concedes aliens as sound science but quiet change and partisan politics
was it. he was a mutual trust it's true that the debt we have two technologies to our jobs are with us. each of the ski jump. my cousin h the prestigious well. just hiding spots. the joke even if it's just attempt the one thousand sneak onto his tummy on top. at least that the project will continue and that it could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. what a headache due to the destruction of contamination. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in the nation section. a book is responsible for the artsy friend that she has carried out. six patients or they don't the problem was that they don't live in the mean the furore over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only sold so well with kidney disease process we also split the impact on our environment none of it dangerous situation. newitt stressed but then very careful and take all steps oh god what should the county. the above another to give its economic situation the anniston star student. almost two weeks drop dough onto she's just let this o
. the offer i a the science technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future. genes can be held by the us within the decade without charge or trial in kuantan tonight i have to be transferred to an end. but the men were strongly against being sent back to algeria where i fear being persecuted by the authorities or targeted by extremists on the sand is the token a small the glacial pace us officials intend to move forward with the limbo known as guantanamo whatever excuses in the web of bureaucracy allegedly getting in the way of just closing the place down. millie is attempting baby steps to figure out what to do with its detainee is the lastest transferred to prisoners to their home country of algeria one hundred and sixty four the majority of whom have long been cleared for track work or really miss everything creation was involuntary and to place despite the deeds he needs me is to not have this happen is the fear of mistreatment or torture upon their return home to the lives of the two men at times now and is down and inside out hope that some have describ
in the states so love the brightness is on the internet. they use it technology integration of all new developments from around russia. the future what hit me. your teens today are little research the eye. the who'd studied military operation in the central african republic and it could be considered in sectarian violence the un security council resolution or fries french troops to join an african peacekeeping mission. the latest clashes between rival militias in the capital by ugly if it killed over a hundred people muslim rebels who seized power in march if i can christians there who support the and the president and this despite fears of the conflict could expand into a full blown sectarian war. well sometimes branded the policeman of africa from says remained active on the continent ever since the color blue earrings you sell them up. that's a map of france is full of colonies over the past decade alone france has led interventions in the democratic republic of congo ivory coast chad that most recently my lateness aside from its involvement in libya to as fully covered coldplay fro
. there is no pollution. state of the art technology means that two american field trips to dc or two before returning it to the oceans. i'm keen on the bottom an apartment that's under control the combined price for the fireman's because they don't need the optimal temperature for the fees help him out altogether for the sleeves had to go to sleep. the company just sold its first batch of fifty thousand fish and is gearing up to produce half a million pre year. every phase of this issue's developments can be monitored and controlled. not the sign posts about hopping with add all the time of production. he wants me out the study. new unopened this tale from the front. most don't know what. so the autobots of wilkinson's the signposts of things. last time i made mine production the fall industrial production that still turquoise major input from the oceans. cereal is a carnivorous species. and nice food pellets contain up to thirty percent y o fish intensive aquaculture completes the oceans. and for the moment. no one has found a solution. the future of the cultural life perhaps in these dreams you see
're on is moving ahead with tests on more efficient technology to enrich uranium. this comes just two weeks after six world powers clinched a deal with tehran over its nuclear program. the move does not openly contradicted the geneva agreement and the us atomic watchdog has been kept informed about developments. in those six people suspected of stealing a truck was highly radioactive material in a medical scanner have been released from the hospital only the youngest suspect was sixteen years old was found to have traces of radioactive poisoning them and will remain in detention for further questioning the vehicle was carrying extremely dangerous cobalt sixty when it was hijacked at gunpoint near the capital earlier this week. a dream destination for millions but apparently it is a nightmare for those trying to settle down there. many find the higher ranked tiny flats and therefore condition. and to some other things that are turning parents into a city of broken dreams. he's so silly reports it all looks great on paper but anyone with an aspirational living in central paris. this covers the nigh
and then taking on these costs is getting the set is this constant target to become more technologically savvy minded funds that the great thing about some poll that matters to provincetown to leave a pot to paris on the rounds of the country but all say they've teamed up with the american embassy for instance the wall in the economy before it was potentially sending out some of the students and adults to the us to get more opportunities to learn and to carry out them that these crosses again or as we speak right now twenty eight students have had a month's worth of cutting and then enjoyed a strong and tough on us and the american embassy of pakistan who else is behind these kind of initiatives and it's a very interesting partnership of the doubt is another one which it which i don't hear about is called yum which is the young the minutemen project straight from sweden and actually break when its views come from the plane from sweden to paris when that when the swedish ambassador to the strong support this claim it. i guess it's a way to the entrepreneurs together as in the seventies the youn
and in minutes as governments are using false promises to cover up the tooth technology. check it out got a fifty and one of the ottoman to the government can fall in south africa that was going to bring down i need to fill that idea and it cannot lift anything that affects you stay safe at home felt that this wedding bring down any cute though because we're in at a european markets that we don't think you can in effect fill cupcake that i think is going to have a huge economic benefit was that again media coverage became the local people in the ad is becoming a laugh. estimates are for kids three and the threat of protests and we think it's a lot to help me fill helping to build amazement i can't because people here say they don't want to take a break to win a pale and cold that the council to listen. wilson a dumb answer column and click to make showed that the government became infected his unpopular they don't want it in the uk and it's unnecessary. sunlight is a national day of prayer in south africa to mom and dad says nelson and data. i needed the full racism and inequality means any count
're just constantly waiting and wondering if today the day is today the day technologies with the us geological survey face tracking regularly triggers small earthquakes before seen even greater danger for wastewater disposal which involves pumping millions of gallons of water contaminated by chemicals deep underground where experts say it puts pressure on site meatballs and causes them to sleep. but despite this knowledge is warning its well keep popping up just a few steps away from private homes and even community water wells nobody knows about any of this until it's too late to carry out. though the government has not concluded studies on how freaking can affect the environment when operations are in full swing here in texas there are thousands of that impossible to mix and it seems no study team getting the industry's way. in fact you're asking the question whether something could happen the whole shale production united states. i think it is highly unlikely it is extremely beneficial to the national economy fricking is largely responsible for the booming us energy production.
high technology industries. modern service industries. i could on thursday. at that time. more tellingly report to reply the un to bet that you publicly commit to demand the time and all. he was a newborn babies. the major force in promoting innovation multiple industry. we are at the coffee helped increase to govern tax revenues and financial income the entire population structure the next ten years. the teen population too bright. you increase the government expenditures on medical care to impose security. the honor because of the faulty increase in new born population. when they get to work the weekend to be more tax revenue which is a government financial pressures. however there also some worried about the new ball. the article post on twenty percent of business herald said the new policy would like to be more positive increase social pressure to the new puppy might improve china's population structure as a result. part of the factors that affect the population structure that other ninjas are the most important factor in changing the population structure. the article point
twenty is that it is to ignore pain that access to mold and technology were recovery rates can be improved the potential there is enormous but i think any major oil company indicated this would bet that in mind but also recognize that the sec is a very long journey between now and a position where free investment will possible. on top of that you have major foreign companies that were able to invest in iran in the milling season and in the last decade. um that ultimately left a wrong because it became too difficult or private that too that experience is going to come all the right the enthusiasm of the business development units within some of the major companies. all of the sexes but the onset of onset of the interesting full for western companies. what are you sure onto would be with which is aunt interesting um you have an enormous market area. one of the largest in the middle east or the ghost in the middle east at this point i'm potentially with a very strong source of revenue in you and get set to on consumer goods not a factor in fulton mo to the indictment or is it an
that are important for innovation technology and friends dogs but now i can in order to finance that it needs to reduce its spending and spending means also sent spends thirty billion on our own training and professional training every year. has anyone ever look at who gets these thirty million billion when they did the same in germany now i'm german maybe i'm biased but what if god is that most of that money was given to those who need it nice full colonel in the morning. one look at unemployment benefits. how can it be that when you are when you make a lot of money and i'm not talking about people who have to sneak them who were being fired from her in all a factory somewhere where it is easy. i'm talking about all the people around in paris who make very nice time if they get up to seven thousand euros was designed at the end i didn't think it was less than why do you pay money i the attack that left hazel. i am talking with a mind taking a wait the system. the system is skewered in that dolan who needed east. get most out of the system and back not comment. for me and to see me in your ey
ideas and technological endeavors. lou will will will will. and. the wild. i'm certainly coming up over the next hour or debate focusing on education standards around the world the latest international survey shows the station students for the best by far in every category friends in the uk struggling to keep their heads above water. what makes a good score and prepares students to compete in today's world. we've got peaches analysts and economists who carried out surveys which seemed to give you their opinion an opponent after that. first though international news. thank you city and these are the headlines to see mya has been out from under it shot dead outside his time in pay rates. the shiite militant group was quick to accuse israel which denies any involvement. protesters refused to leave she as independents ladder onto the prime minister warned the opposition to stop asking making a difficult time. and then to make it to print the building faces hefty fines on anyone paying this tax to head to the senate and the next two. says israel will suffer the consequences for measurin
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